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Würth Elektronik Watts Up Podcast

Oct 14, 2021

This Application Note outlines the components needed to protect
USB 3.1 devices and attenuate EMI that may cause the device to fail EMC testing. This will be demonstrated in USB Type-C dongle to characterize the effectiveness of the components. For information and components suitable for USB 2.0, please refer to the following Application Notes available at

  • ANP002 – The Protection of USB 2.0 Applications
  • ANP024 – The USB Interface from EMC Point of View

To download this Application Note, ANP007, visit Würth Elektronik online or click here.

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Figure 1:

Figure 1- Compensation of electrical interferance coupling of the differential mode signal input and twisted wire pairs

Figure 2:

Transient limitation with diodes

Figure 3:

Eye diagram with the WE-CNSW filter and the WE-CNSW HF Filter

Figure 4:

USB Type C Pin Layout

Figure 5:

Block Diagram of the USB Type C Dongle

Figure 6:

Impedance curve and insertion loss of WE-CNSW HF at 50 ohms

Figure 7:

HF Optimized layout of an LC filter

Figure 8:

HF Optimized layout of an LC filter

Figure 9:

Time domain measurements and eye diagram of USB type c dongle with added components